Do you work only with “fast” runners?

No. While I do work with a few very fast runners, I also work with novice runners training for their first 5K. But the majority of my clients fit somewhere in between. The fact is, genetics plays a large role in how fast we can each run. My goal is to help every runner reach their own potential – whatever that may be.


Do you specify a set number of miles each day or week?

I don’t measure training by miles. Rather, I prefer to specify workout durations by time. Your body knows how long you are running, not how far. One runner may go 18 miles in 2 hrs at an easy pace while another only goes 11 miles, but they are each getting the same training benefit. Similarly, when I run for 3 hours on up and down trails, I don’t worry about how short the distance was; I know I got a good long run. I may list an estimated volume of miles during the week but this is an approximation based on your time running. However, while most of your runs are time-based, if your training for a road marathon and depending on your goals, experience and intensity level, many of these will be time based with the longest up to 22-24 miles.


What types of payments do you accept?

For my coaching fee, I accept personal checks mailed to me, or I can bill you online using Zelle. With this method, you can choose to use a bank account, credit card, etc. and it is safe and secure.


What happens if I get injured and can’t run?

Should you become injured and not be able to run, I will credit any weeks for which you’ve already paid. Then, when you are ready to start up the workouts again, you’ll still have the same amount of coaching pre-paid. Of course during your injury break from coaching, I’ll still be available for any help or advice you need.


Will you help me set a time goal for my race?

Yes. I want to know what your goal is up front, but I will always be honest with you as to what I think you are capable of. It is important to set goals that are both hard enough to be meaningful, but also reasonable based on your fitness.


A question you don’t see here?

Email me – I look forward to talking with you about your running!