Coaching Philosophy

At the simplest level, my coaching is based on every training run having a specific purpose; when you head out the door each day you should know exactly what you are trying to accomplish. Most runners tend to settle into what I call “no-man’s land” where their easy runs are too fast, and their hard runs are too slow. They believe that to get better, they just need to run more. Instead I’ll work with you to get faster and stronger using a hard/easy approach.

I emphasize the idea of initially establishing your date training paces which reflect your current fitness. Then we will gradually increase the intensity of each type of training run until you are confident and fit enough to achieve your goal.

I’m also a big proponent of weight lifting and functionally specific strengthening for runners and can help get you started on such a program. My goal is to help you become not just a faster runner, but a healthier athlete as well.

As far as overall training cycles, I use an approach called “non-linear periodization” which differs from the traditional “western linear periodization” ideas that are more geared towards a particular short season of goal races. It is one thing if you are a 1500 meter runner training for the Olympic finals and you are devoting 2 years to that one goal, but for most people it is more effective to strive for a relatively high level of fitness all the time. Non-linear periodization, by contrast, introduces general endurance and raw speed simultaneously, and then gradually works from these two extremes towards race-specific paces. This method is great for runners who race multiple distances throughout the year as it requires only relatively short race-specific training periods to achieve a peak. It is also a far more interesting way to train.

“Over the past 5+ years Kelly has coached me to every PR I own, including a hard-earned BQ at Grandma’s 2016. Through his own extensive elite-level racing and every-level coaching experiences, I received custom, expert coaching from 1 mile to 50k, road + trail. Kelly has played an essential role in all my favorite racing experiences, and I am lucky to call such a successful, humble, and genuine person my coach.” ~ Nordica S.