What sets my sport-specific strength training and programming apart?

Kelly Mortenson, an Olympic Trials and renowned regional area athlete, brings his expertise in helping other athletes achieve their goals. Learn how to lift weights safely, how to become a more powerful and explosive athlete regardless of your age and athletic goals.

 Strength training is not cross-training for athletes. It’s just part of smart training.

 What’s so special about lifting weights??

 Is it surprising that I don’t think strength workouts are cross-training? Rather, strength work is just part of your training as an athlete.

 Cross-training is supplemental exercise that can be helpful to your sport. Like cycling for runners or skiing for cyclists.

 Skeptical? Let’s break down the science.

 If you struggle with injuries, lifting weights is perhaps the most valuable thing you can do to stay healthy. Proper strength and conditioning allows an athlete to strengthen supporting muscles, even out muscle imbalances, increase mobility, correct posture, stabilize joints, learn new movement patterns, enhance coordination and peripheral skills.

 Although I’m a huge proponent of sport specific training like biking to become a better biker, running lots to run faster, and more skiing to ski more efficiently. But as we age we often have to do some strength/mobility to be a better balanced and healthy athlete. I can help implement plans to do this.

 Also one of the most important parts of training especially as we age is sport specific strength training. After our mid-to-late 30’s which is our physiological peak capacity we see a linear decline of muscle mass of 1%-1.5% per year until the mid-to-late 60’s. At this point an exponential rate of decline begins. The excellent news is that with consistent sport specific strength training we can slow these averages down by half, enabling them to be within 70%-82% of 35-year-old capacity at age 70.

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One-on-One Strength Training Sessions:  30 min, 45 min, or Hour-long sessions to improve strength, explosiveness, power, range of motion, and more!  (Sport-specific training)

Group Strength Training for Sport:  Group training to work on strength, explosiveness, power, flexibility, range of motion, single-leg stability, form mechanics, and more!

Group Running-Training Sessions: Meet with a small group of runners to execute track and road running workouts.  When possible, overlapping training sessions so intervals are run with others.

Running Training Programs: Take your training to the next level with a completely personalized program made with your goals and schedule in mine.  Specializing in race preparation for:
• Ultra
• Marathon
• Half Marathon/10 Mile
• 5k & 10k
• 800 + Mile